filmlet receives IDEENSTARK 2023 award from the state of Baden-Württemberg

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09/18/2023 5 Min.

by Andreas Hack

filmlet Team Ideenstark 2023

Stuttgart, September 7, 2023 - How easy it is to promote biodiversity with creative methods, how teachers can be supported in teaching media skills in an uncomplicated and playful way, or how to work more efficiently on a film set through digitization - the IDEENSTARK 2023 winning teams impress with cross-innovative concepts. Each year, the state and MFG Baden-Württemberg honor ten companies from the cultural and creative industries in Baden-Württemberg with the award. The competition is supported by the Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts and the Ministry of Economics, Labor and Tourism Baden-Württemberg.

The IDEENSTARK program included in the award supports the creative entrepreneurs in the targeted further development of their business models through coaching and training. The award ceremony will take place as part of the Future Conference: Time for Innovation on November 15 at 7 p.m. at the Wizemann in Stuttgart.

"IDEENSTARKEN 2023 is an excellent example of how innovative and interdisciplinary projects can drive society and promote viable, sustainable developments," says Arne Braun, State Secretary at the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts. "The funding program supports creative professionals in their entrepreneurial and personal development." "The award recognizes creative professionals who want to go their own way economically and also inspire other industries with their ideas. They make an important contribution to the innovative strength of our state," emphasizes Patrick Rapp, State Secretary in the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Economics, Labor and Tourism.

Developing creative business models sustainably

In mid-July, an independent jury of experts selected the ten most convincing applications from over 100 submissions in the seventh round of the program. On September 4 and 5, the new IDEENSTARKEN met at Blumenfeld Castle in Tengen for the joint kick-off, the start of the one-year coaching and mentoring program consisting of workshops and individual coaching sessions.

Award ceremony at the Future Conference on November 15 at the Wizemann in Stuttgart

The IDEENSTARK 2023 award winners will be honored at the MFG Future Conference on Wednesday, November 15, 2023 at the Wizemann in Stuttgart. The award ceremony will form the festive conclusion of the conference day. With the guiding principle "Time for Innovation," the Future Conference is dedicated to the topic of time as a future resource for business, science and society. The cultural and creative industries play a decisive role in this. Keynotes on the topic, interactive workshops and panel discussions make up the program. Participants will discuss with experts and representatives of various industries, among other things, the scarcity of time, innovation cycles and new time logics in the context of New Work. The free registration for the conference and optionally for the subsequent award ceremony is already open.

These are the IDEENSTARK 2023:

Prizewinner Ideenstark 2023The winners of the state competition IDEENSTARK 2023 have been announced. The award ceremony will take place during the Future Conference on November 15 in Stuttgart.

Bee friendly

Wiesloch (Michael Watson, Dominik Hümmer and Sascha Sychov)

Bee friendly helps companies, educational institutions and private individuals become bee-friendly and sustainable. With workshops, seminars and bee friendly giveaways, the creators want to show how easy it is to promote biodiversity. Bee friendly stands for optimistic nature conservation. Instead of lecturing fellow human beings with a raised forefinger, the makers want to create a positive approach to nature conservation.

Bee Friendly


Karlsruhe (Felix Duffner, Julian Riegraf and Katja Seiter)

eddilake is an innovative learning app that supports teachers in teaching media literacy. With the app, students learn about digital media in a fun way and practice using them safely and responsibly. The app offers up-to-date and modern learning exercises that can be integrated into cross-curricular lessons or used in prevention events.



Karlsruhe (Andreas Hack, Sophie Campbell, Thiemo Imgraben, and Kai Oswald)

The app filmlet aims to help simplify life and work on a film set through digitization. Long waits on set are to be prevented through process optimization, with the focus on clear workflows. Other features such as route calculation and updates for the crew complement the app.


hydrop systems

Stuttgart (Moritz Emberger, Raimund Koop and Katrin Kreidel)

Hydrop systems offers a simple solution for understanding water consumption through detailed monitoring using an easy-to-install attachment for analog water meters. The second-by-second monitoring is analyzed by means of artificial intelligence and can thus be used for various applications: for clear monitoring of consumption by application and for early detection of leaks.

hydrop systems

Loggo - Building Balance / la IDA

Stuttgart (Max Hartmann)

Under the label la IDA, Max Hartmann designs age-independent toys with a focus on the development and maintenance of motor skills. The aim is to break with the stigma that free, creative play is an activity reserved for children. The first product, "Loggo", is perceived more as a playful design object and not just as pure "play stuff". Another focus is on collaboration with inclusive workshops. For these, Max Hartmann is developing tools that enable them to produce sophisticated components by hand, even for a CNC machine, in a way that is safe, repeatable and as entertaining as possible for the game.


Mimic Browser / Nau Hau GmbH

Tübingen (Benjamin and Willi Rudolf)

The Mimik Browser enables paraplegic users to use the Internet barrier-free, individually and efficiently. Using XR glasses, a virtual screen can be placed anywhere in the room. With the help of face tracking and voice control, users can explore the Internet quickly and intuitively without having to use their hands. People with tetraplegia, who can only move from the neck up, especially benefit from the Mimic Browser.

Nau Hau GmbH

Spaetzle Valley Media

Stuttgart (Christian Veit)

Christian Veit is one of the managing directors of Hearts & Ventures, an agency dedicated to creating sustainable change through innovation. He is also the founder and host of Spätzle Valley, a podcast about the start-up scene in Baden-Württemberg, which he implements together with Sebastian Demuth. In an eye-to-eye dialog, they reveal the ideas for the future that local founders*inne are tinkering with, how their path is shaping up, and where the journey is headed for them.

Spätzle Valley

studio teilchenwelle

Karlsruhe (Stefan Lotze)

With Studio Teilchenwelle, light artist Stefan Lotze works in the field of tension between architecture, light and art. Between things - like light itself: Light art with spatial, architectural reference - architectural light, which meets far more than functional requirements. Studio Teilchenwelle combines free artistic work and commissioned light design.

Studio Teilchenwelle

The Artpole

Mühlacker (Linda Wendel & Bart Dewijze)

The artist duo Linda Wendel and Bart Dewijze from Germany / Belgium transforms public spaces into aesthetic overall experiences with installations and alternative exhibition forms. overall experiences. The focus is on customized, social-artistic and large-scale projects in special places. In addition to the local population, institutions or companies, elements of sustainability are also included. In addition, the artist duo offers seminars and workshops with a focus on creative thinking, inspiration and idea development.

Companion - Your shoe for life

Sulzburg (Laura Moser)

Shoemaker Laura Moser builds timeless, durable custom lace-up boots that are meant to be true companions. She is currently working on a ready-to-wear shoe project that will make this type of footwear - made from regional organic leather, repairable and consistently sustainable - available to a wider audience.

Laura's Interface


With IDEENSTARK, MFG Baden-Württemberg has been honoring impulse givers, innovators and founders from the cultural and creative industries since 2017. The annual award is supported by the Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts and the Ministry of Economics, Labor and Tourism Baden-Württemberg. The award winners receive a one-year coaching and mentoring program and become part of the IDEENSTARK network.

About MFG Baden-Württemberg

MFG Medien- und Filmgesellschaft is an institution of the state of Baden-Württemberg and Südwestrundfunk. MFG's mission is to promote film culture and industry and the cultural and creative industries. With demand-oriented programs, MFG Baden-Württemberg supports cultural and creative professionals in the southwest in its "MFG Kreativ" division. The focus here is on networking and outreach activities, as well as in the Digital Culture field of expertise.

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