What's new

Recent updates and improvements to filmlet.


A new look

Besides the usual bug fixing, we improved the user interface and usability for the web app, so you can work faster and more intuitively. You now got cleaner screens, more logical tables and modals that pop out.


German language update

You gave us feedback that the ability to switch to the German language is highly important for you. Check your settings and switch to German now, if not already automatically detected.


  • Added German language
  • Person specific calltimes
  • Callsheet PDF with contact data


  • The date of a shooting day was moved from the callsheet to the schedule, to provide a better work flow
  • Scene description overflow on callsheet

User profiles and team insights

filmlet 1.3.0 comes with new features that will bring more life into your team and enhance the way you work as a team.

User profiles

Customize your filmlet profile with useful information for the admins.

  • Profile image
  • Food preferences and intolerances

Team insights

Get an overview of your team's profiles at a glance. Especially useful when planning your catering.

  • Team size
  • Food preferences and intolerances

Shared contacts, callsheet PDF and smart move

We're excited to share with you the latest changes, improvements, and bug fixes that we've been working on to make our product better than ever. In this post, you'll find a detailed overview of what's new, what's changed, and what's been fixed since our last update.


  • Callsheet as PDF
  • Shared contacts with other admins inside a project
  • Cast groups
  • "Shared with" callsheet tracking
  • Automatic route calculation for the move timeslot (Smart Move)


  • Searchable lists, to find items more easily
  • UI changes
  • Several Bug fixes